Does Walking Help Anxiety?

Does Walking Help Anxiety

You must have heard the phrase “Health is wealth”. To stay healthy, wealthy physically & mentally, daily walks play a key role.  We all are aware of the fact of how beneficial exercise is for the human body. However, the main question comes in mind, does walking help anxiety disorder and uplift the mood? 

The answer is YES! Walking can help in treating anxiety disorder. When we are walking, the stress hormone cortisol decreases and serotonin increases which helps to improve mood swings & regulate moods. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure, boosts brain function and also reduces pain sensitivity. To know more about how does walking help with anxiety disorders check out this blog pos

I am the kind of person who loves walking, so today I have decided why not share with you all, the significance of walking and how we can fight anxiety by taking few steps daily. This article would recommend you how walking could bring positive change and magical outcomes in our lives. 

In a current pandemic condition, life is getting harder day by day. Everyone is fighting some internal battles and going through some stressful phases. Research has shown 1 in 5 Americans are dealing with anxiety and disquiet. You or any person around you might be going through uneasiness. To push yourself or your loved ones toward better days, several psychologists, doctors, and nutritionists from all around the world, recommend a long walk for good health. 

There are many benefits of taking a walk as in it lessens stress and depression by reducing the level of cortisol (a hormone). It also elevates serotonin levels which helps to improve mood swings & regulate moods. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure, boosts brain function and also reduces pain sensitivity.

Every person has a different way to cope-up with the everyday burdens. People want to feel relax and happier. Walking is the most suggested way to come out of low energies by inhaling fresh air. A minimum of 10 to 15 minutes of the walk can boost the mood and bring positive energy from within. 

A daily walk is one of the best therapies. Physical activities keep the person active and energetic. People tend to have a longer life that prefers walking than those who don’t. A scientific study reported walking could reduce a 32% risk of dying. 30 minutes of daily walking can change your life drastically. Some people prefer early morning walks, and some people prefer walking at night time. Nevertheless, long-distance walks are a mood enhancer and decrease anxiety attacks. 

Does Walking Help Anxiety

Do you feel anxious more often, all day?

And do you know that walking can help with anxiety disorder ? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Daily Long Walks

Walking is not just about outing on foot or taking steps from one place to another, but it also comes up with numerous advantages; 

  • Walking minimizes the chances of stroke and heart diseases. 
  • It makes the bones stronger and increases metabolic rate.
  • Helps in reducing the extra weight by burning fats and keep the body in shape.
  • It lowers down the blood pressure and boosts the immune system.
  • Walking keep your mind fresh by bringing positive energy. 
  • When a person walks it improves blood circulation in the body. 
  • It improves the digestive system and helps in food digestion.
  • Walking enables the better working of the nervous system.  
  • Long walks also tone the legs and ease the joint pains, etc. 

Does Walking Help Anxiety?

Do you know how Walking & Anxiety is interlinked?

Walking has a strong relationship with an anxiety disorder. It would not be strange for you to know life could become harder sometimes. When apprehension is not taken seriously, it leads to other mental illness issues. We all need tension free life. Dealing with anxiety and staying away from worries, 100% might not be possible, but we can lower down its percentage with walking habits. To manage the level of stress and anxiety, walking exercise is medically supported. 

The part of the brain that dominates anxious behaviour could be shut off a bit with walking. Usually, people like to walk, but regular walks are the golden task to add to your routine. Going out on a walk is the best solution to minimize any tension and depression.

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle! It can release endorphins that make you feel good too! If exercise makes you anxious or if your anxiety prevents you from exercising then check out these strategies for managing your exercise triggers: -Start small- Workout indoors- Exercise in short bursts (20 minutes) instead of long sessions (60+ minutes)- Create routines that get progressively harder as time goes by soanxiety disorder.

Let’s look at how does walking help anxiety; 

Walking Diverts Mind From Overthinking

Walking diverts mind from overthinking. In this situation, walking helps to clear head of all thoughts and get back to our natural state of just being present in the moment which can calm down anxiety symptoms. It also helps to take a break from what has been making us anxious or stressed out by decreasing adrenaline levels for a while as well as increasing dopamine production that gives us happy feelings. Walking also allows you to be mindful about your surroundings-giving you chance to observe things around you actively with purpose rather than dwell on whatever it is that’s bothering you at any given moment in time.

So if someone who suffers from an Anxiety Disorder decides they want start using exercise such as walking.

When stress is elevated, it increases hormones with a “flight or fight” response. To overcome mental stress, a walk is something you must adopt in your lifestyle. Engaging yourself in exercise, redirect the mind from negative thoughts and distract from overthinking is usually hard to avoid while sitting in one place, or regular day patterns.  A walking routine encourages you and motivates you to do something physical every day. 

  1. Moving Muscles Reduce Muscle Tension 

When you move your legs while walking, it relaxes the muscles and lowers down the anxious signals. Regular walking builds resilience against negative emotions. Relaxed body muscles keep the human body at calm and ease. The more you walk, the more you can make your body muscles stronger and active. Walking is an effective way to improve muscle movements.   

  1. Daily Walk Make You Feel Fresh & Up-Lift Mood

A cup of coffee and a long walk, who does not love this amazing combination? In addition to that, human surroundings further lower down the tension and stress level. Walking out in nature with a cool breeze, clean environment, greenery, and fresh air make the person feel happier and fresh from inside out. 

Walk-in pleasant weather encourages cheerfulness and a delightful mood. It’s cheery on the cake if you choose a good company to walk with such a friend, family member, pet, or even join a walking club is the best idea you go for. 

  1. Keep the Brain Active

People tend to make bad decisions when they are stressed out.  The walk is a kind of exercise that turns on the frontal part of the brain help in controlling the amygdala. Walks keep the body and mind active. You think more clearly which eventually enables better decision-making. Keeping yourself fit through daily helps in treating tension and depression. 

Final Verdict

Does walking help anxiety? Yes, it does in a true manner. To cure the anxious mechanism, it is important to understand the human mind. For all of us, the walk is something that plays a vital role in maintaining good health and a great mood. No one can deny the importance of walking as it is medically proven as well. No matter you choose early morning or night walks both have their advantages. Making a regular walk schedule is much recommended for a healthier body and mind. 

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