Can You Walk Without Kneecaps?

Can You Walk Without Kneecaps

Can you walk without kneecaps? To know a precise answer to this, I am going to share some research based analysis. Read on..

Knees are small region on the legs but still are an important one for the movement of the body. Nobody can walk without the proper and functional aid of the knees. The knees are covered with the caps.

These knee caps are essential in maintaining the level of balance of the movement of the body in all directions. They make sure that the walking and sitting/standing positions of the body are going fine!

Knee caps are essential.

Kneecaps are exactly crucial as they are supporting the balance of the body in one way or the other. It is an essential feature as the good functioning of the walking and running position is on account of the operational capability of the kneecaps.

It would help if you had them for walking, crouching, jumping, turning and twisting in positions. 

Kneecaps missing

There are different probabilities in which the kneecaps are missing. The missing kneecaps are going to be in other cases. Some of the common missing kneecaps’ issues are elaborating here. They are:

Babies kneecaps missing

The kneecaps made of the delicate cartilage; this is why they are incredibly gentle in touch. One may see that the kneecaps are indeed the support for the movement of the legs of the newly born.

It might happen that the kneecap is precisely missing in the portion of the kid. This may occur at the time of birth but become visible at a later stage. One may observe it in the X-ray at the age of 2-6 years. 

Mature person kneecaps damaged

With the fall of age, the bones might start to loosen and break down. This may lead to an adverse impact upon the kneecaps as well.

The kneecaps are sensitive to the low levels of calcium in the body; this is why they are losing the balance for maintaining themselves. 

Kneecaps become non-functional

The functionality and the damage of the kneecaps are two different terminologies. It might happen that the kneecaps are going to be inactive over time. The time may decide that the level of calcium is enough for the kneecaps or not.

In the final time, it might happen that the kneecaps may not be working well. This may show the inactive kneecaps on the legs. They are existing, but they aren’t working in any regard.

Can You Walk Without Kneecaps

Reasons for kneecap damage

There are a plethora of rationales that are accountable for the loss of the operational capability of the kneecaps. The kneecaps are going to be inactive for the following probable reasons. They are:


A direct or indirect injury of the knee may be causing the setback to the knees. This is surprising to see that the knees will be recovering by the treatment. But the damaged kneecap will not work the way it was doing in the past. 

Low calcium level

The body bones surely demand the proper and indeed, the better level of the calcium as an essential ingredient for the bones. These calcium levels are going to maintain the right level of the bones balance as well.

The kneecap will be giving promising participation if the level of calcium if all right; otherwise, the kneecaps will be no more functional. 


The challenging routines and taking the extra burden on the feet might be accountable for the fall of the kneecap balance. This fatigue is going to spoil the kneecaps in some way. One may be having a weighty body with extra weight, which might be fatigue for the knees.

The kneecaps will indeed bear the burden and result in the imbalance of the kneecaps. This may lower their performance with the flow of time.

Walking without kneecaps

It sounds challenging if you are going to walk without the kneecaps. It is truly a tough task in all regards, but people manage this way if the kneecaps are no more working. This might spoil the proper balance and maintenance level of the body, and the walk will not be a normal one!

If the kneecaps are surgically removing, then the case is more serious indeed. The protective gear is missing in this regard. This is a challenge for the functioning of the body. Kneeling can support but walk is not easy now. 

Treatments for kneecaps

Some supportive treatments are available for the kneecaps. These are going to manage the walking and running of the body. It may be OK after the damage of the knees and kneecaps.

The kneecap bone can be recovering by availing the following treatment mechanisms. They are:

Kneecap removal

Doctors recommend the removal of the kneecaps if they feel that it is not in a functioning position in any way. The reduction is helpful as the presence of the injured kneecap is an authentic trouble for the patient.

He/she is uncomfortable with the existing kneecap in all ways. So better to eradicate and manage without it!

Kneecap repairing

The repair is a possible solution if in case the trouble of the kneecap is not to a severe extent. The solution as a repair plan can do wonders if the patient can manage the treatment plan and then keep the alignment of the edited kneecap in the future perspective as well.

This is a challenging job, but this may safe the kneecap. 

Can you walk without kneecaps

The kneecaps are indeed an essential part of the legs. This is why one may not ignore their importance. It is precisely valuable, so one needs to take the promising intake of the calcium for them.

Also, a healthy lifestyle and the functioning work outs can be a help to the long life of the kneecaps. In case, they are removed or edited, and then it is more important to follow the instructions of the doctor so the person may move with the aid of the kneecaps without any issue.

Kneecaps demand for extra care so protect yourself from the injuries and take good care of kneecaps. You may safe them to maintain your walk! It is an investment for the life.

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