Can You Walk on a Dislocated Knee?

Can You Walk on a Dislocated Knee

Can you walk on a dislocated knee? The instant answer to this question is No. It is because a dislocated knee is a serious injury that causes long term effects. And if you ignore it and continue doing your stuff like playing and enjoying, then you can face quite big issues. 

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To make it clear, here are some more of its details.

What is Dislocated Knee

Knees are the largest joints of the human body as they comprise bursae, tendons, cartilage, and a lot of bones. The knee dislocation is the injury that occurs when your fibula and tibia gets out of its original place. Also, a partial dislocation of a subluxation can happen.

Occasionally, one can also suffer from the dislocation of kneecap and its ligament disruption. 

Causes of Dislocated Knee

To treat and recover your injury first, you need to know the primary cause behind it.

The typical reasons for the dislocated knee are:

  • Sports Injury – There are many possibilities for your knee dislocation if you hit the ground in bent-knee position. Or you bumped into another player with a lot of force or overextending your knee can result in the dislocated knee. 
  • Hard Falls – This is quite normal and randomly happens to anyone who loses control and falls quite hard on the ground on bent or overextends knee. 
  • Car Crashes: During a car incident, if you crash your knee on a hard surface, it can cause knee dislocation as the blowing force is relatively stronger. 

Symptoms of Dislocated Knees

How will you know that you are suffering from knee dislocation? It is possible by knowing its symptoms. It is crucial for timely treatment too. The most common knee dislocation symptoms are swelling, numbness, discolouration, popping sound, pain during movements, and clear deformation.

Besides this, the most serious signs of the dislocated knee are loss of movement, loss of pulse below the knee and no feeling below the knee. If one is feeling such kinds of symptoms, then medical care is immediately needed.

Treatment for Dislocated Knee

The treatment for dislocated knee depends on the extent of the injury. Several times, a dislocated knee gets back to its place itself, so you don’t need specific treatment. However, getting professional advice is always a smart move.

The safest and reliable treatments for knee dislocation include:


Compression is a helpful process for alleviating the extreme pain patient feel after injury or surgical repair. Certain compression knee sleeves are reasonable to buy and easy to wear. They are recommended because it targets all your in and out knee muscles. Also, it applies constant pressure that promotes healing and keeps the joints aligned. 


Regardless you go or don’t go for surgery; still, your medical professional can recommend your knee braces to wear until you heal. Braces are generous support to secure the knee from getting any more damage.

The two most common knee braces are;

  • Universal Knee Brace – It provides you with the utmost protection for your everyday needs. It is perfect for exercising because of its breathable neoprene material. 
  • Hinged Knee Brace: It provides maximum level o support and protection. Its design is in a way that stabilizes the knee and doesn’t allow the brace to get slipped. The hinged knee brace is essential for the patients recovering from a dislocation surgery.
  1. Reduction

If your knee cap gets entirely out from the groove, then your medical exert will try getting it to its original position by pressing and moving your legs in many ways. This is the method known as reduction. You will get a medicine that makes you relax and pain-free as the process occurs.

  1. Dislocated Knee Surgery

The last resort for your dislocated knee is a surgery. However, surgery only becomes essential when the patient also has a fracture or any other relevant injury. Surgery is for correction, the place of your knees alongside treating other damages occurred from your injury.

Additional damage could be damage to blood vessels, torn ligaments, damaged nerves, and fractured bones. Make sure to get to know about every benefits and downside from your doctor before getting your surgery. 

  1. Cold Therapy

Note that knee dislocation is something serious, so it is necessary to know how to fix it at home, at least a bit. Following the injury, you need to put an ice pack on the knee for 15 to 20 minutes.

This will relieve inflammation and pain. If you don’t feel the symptoms getting mild or subside, then visit a professional expert ASAP.

Can You Walk on a Dislocated Knee

Can You Walk on a Dislocated Knee

Exercising While Recovering from Knee Dislocation

For sure, you need to rest and let your dislocated knee recover. But it does not mean that you cannot do anything. In fact, there are certain stretching and strengthening exercises that you can do.

It will reduce pain, regain strength and improve your mobility. The important point is to begin slowly and pay attention to your body as you perform the exercises. 

Below are the certain exercises you can do for dislocated knee;

Resisted Knee Extension

Bent your knees in seated position then put a stretch strap around the ankle of your damage leg and connect another strap end to your chair. Then, slowly straighten your injured knee from the strap resistance.

Make sure to control over movements as you lower your leg gently. Do this 8 to 10 times in repetition. 

Quarter Squat

Stand with your feet should apart. Then keep your back straight alongside bend your knees. To be stable, hold a chair near you.

2 seconds is fine enough to hold the squat. Do this 10 to 12 times in repetition.

There are some other exercises that you can do like prone leg hang, straight leg races, wall slides, etc. 

Final Words

Walking on a dislocated knee is possible. However, you need to super alert and should hold something. Besides this, it is recommended for you to rest and take proper medications. I hope this short guide has provided all the answers to your question of “can you walk on a dislocated knee”.

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