Can You Walk On A Broken Fibula After 4 Weeks?

Can You Walk On A Broken Fibula After 4 Weeks

Can you walk on a broken fibula after 4 weeks? To get an answer to this question you must know some details about it. It totally depends on the injury that how much days it will take as it can take 4 weeks or more than that. However, the Fibula is quite a smaller bone of your body that only bears 17% of the bodyweight but getting it fractured needs you to stay off your feet.

Sprained and fractured ankles are the most common injury everyone knows. But a fractured fibula makes itself known by the way you suffer. That’s quite unfortunate that fractured Fibula is painful and needs feet off the ground for days.

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In your first move, if you feel any kind of pain, you immediately need a hospital. Then the doctor will take your x-ray for determining the extent and nature of your injury. After that, make sure to take the weight off your feet or else it will get worse.

The Fibula is one of the two small bones in the lower leg. Somewhat it is vulnerable while getting into extreme sports like football, lacrosse or soccer. Also, Fibula can get a fracture in those activities that involve twisting. This is why wearing shin guards is always recommended. 

The best means of protection for fibular fracture is to maintain strength and flexibility in the legs with good warm-up sessions. The risk is big for the patients having hormone issues, metabolic disorder and nutritional deficiencies. 

Complete and Swift Fibula Healing

Most of the time, the fibula fracture gets healed in four to six weeks of time. Also, the healing depends on the patient as long as he doesn’t try to get back to the action. The uncommon complications include;

  • Permanent failure of healing of the bone as it does not knit back together.
  • Bones getting healed in a weird position.
  • The size of bone getting shorter. Mostly happens in kids.
  • Surgery to fracture cause infection, nerve injury or bleeding.
  • Pressure in the leg interrupts blood supply that ends up with nerve and muscle injury.

Begin Immediate Treatment for Fibula Fracture

The immediate treatment given to the ankle injured patient is to apply ice that reduces swelling and elevation to the leg. To relieve pain, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug is recommended. Also, most of the patients are recommended to use crutches.

It can also happen that you don’t experience extreme pain. But still, don’t ever try taking the risk that can prolong the risk of your broken fibula recovery period. If you don’t take proper care, there are chances of your leg getting injured again or doesn’t get healed properly. 

Rehabbing When You Are Off Your Feet

Your physical therapist will let you know specific exercises that keep your blood flow. This will help in healing your tissues. For fibular rehab these are the following safe and proper things you can do;

  • Grasp and pull your foot as you feel a gentle stretch at your foot and ankle.
  • Sit with your ankle while cross over the opposite knee, push the foot in a downward position and rotate it slightly.
  • Being seated, imagine your toe as a pen and write things in the air. 

Broken Fibula Takes Time to Recover

Most athletes have a hard time accepting their immobilized injuries. As their bodies are used for rigorous movement, it becomes a challenge for them to rest and be patient for a long 6 weeks recovery period.

Whatsoever, you need to understand that you are broken from somewhere, and it takes times to recover. Also, when the point is about the fracture, simply mask the pain or play with it. Note that your body always needs time to repair the injury and get back to its strength.

Trying to rush the process that is not according to your doctor’s prescription will end up delaying your recovery.

Can You Walk On A Broken Fibula After 4 Weeks

Make Use of Appropriate Medicinal Stuff

Sport medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons have devices for their patients to let them immobilize their injured legs properly alongside hastening their recovery. For sure, it would not be a fun thing to walk with a boot or crutches. But getting your leg re-injured or extending your recovery is also not good. You should take proper advantage of all the medicinal equipment you have as it will maximize the success of your recovery. It will also help you in getting back to play soon. 

Some Broken Fibula Tips for Athletes

For the people who are suffering from a broken fibula and intensely want to get back to their games should try no or low impact exercise that is liable to keep you in shape and improve your strength while you are in your recovery process. 

Besides the standard physical therapy, there are some other full-body workouts that you can easily do with your leg injured while being seated or with one leg. Take a look below, some of those workouts are mentioned below;

  • Yoga – You can easily do it while being seated, lying or standing at your relaxed pace. 
  • Swimming – It is one of the most effective aerobic workouts for full body and has zero impact. 
  • Running – Yes, you can run using an elliptical machine to let you have worth cardio workout getting any impact. 
  • Weight Free Machine Lifting – While rehabbing your fractured Fibula, still you can get and keep your back, chest and arms engaged.
  • Floor Workouts – Workouts on the floor like push-ups, planks can surely help you break the sweat without getting your recovery longer.

Can You Walk On A Broken Fibula After 4 Weeks

Broken Fibula never gets recovered faster or instantly. It is a small size bone in your feet that requires some time to get heal. That time can vary from 4 to 6 weeks. So on average, you can say that you can walk on a broken fibula after 4 weeks only if it is treated and recovered properly. Always take proper medications and expert advice for your bodily issues.

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