Best Durable Walking Shoes

Best Durable Walking Shoes

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Walking keeps your whole body from head to toe and keeps your foot working at the ball on every step you take. If your walking shoes are not durable and flexible, your ankle and shin muscles will get sore, and you will feel soreness and fatigue in your feet.

ProductsUpper MaterialShoe WeightSole MaterialLatest Price
MBT Simba 17 M SneakerSynthetic13 OuncesSyntheticCheck here
BROOKS ADDICTION WALKERLeather13.76 OuncesSyntheticCheck here
Saucony Mens Echelon 8Mesh11 OunceSyntheticCheck here
MBT Men’s Modena Slip On Low Rockerfabric flexi mesh12.7 OuncesRubberCheck here
MBT Women’s Sport 3 Comfort Width Traditional Rocker Bottom Walking ShoeMesh15.7 OuncesRubberCheck here
konhill Men’s Breathable Walking Shoesknit upper13 OunceRubberCheck here

Keep in mind that not all walking shoes are flexible. Most of them are designed for comfort but not durable enough for vigorous activities like brisk fitness walking. For such actions, you need the best durable walking shoes that are flexible enough and withstand rugged uses.

Having said this, let’s move on to review some of the best durable walking shoes today that will take your walking activities to the next level.

Best Durable Walking Shoes

MBT Simba 17 M Sneaker

To kick things off, we have the MBT Simba Sneaker on the top spot. Despite its unique shape and design, the MBT Simba 17 is one the most durable and comfortable walking shoes you’ll ever wear!

The shoes are specifically crafted to replicate walking barefoot on all surfaces. Furthermore, it gives you a soft, cushioned feel that also relieves back pain and other similar issues. The shoe features a curvy outsole that offers optimal support to your feet as you walk.

The Simba 17 is more of a traditional walking shoe and differs from other MBT shoes. The Simba Sneaker features a breathable upper and light-weight rubber outsole, ensuring that you’ll get high value from these walking shoes.

And if you can get over its funky look, these durable shoes are excellent for your everyday walks.


  • Features 100% Synthetic and mesh upper.
  • The outsole is light-weight and features high-quality rubber materials.
  • The shaft goes low-top from the arch.
  • Features MBT patented sole.
  • Features high abrasion-resistant outsole.

User Reviews

Overall, users were delighted with the purchase. A verified buyer said that the shoes are attractive, super comfortable, and includes soft cushioning. Similarly, an elderly stated that it makes every day walks so much easier. Many users noted that shoes are perfect for people having foot pain. However, some users stated that these shoes are not true to sizes, and midsoles are not that great.


  • Comes nicely cushioned.
  • Smooth, rocker strides are incredibly comfortable.
  • Smooth and quick closure.


  • Midsoles are not the best.


Next on the list is the Brooks Addiction Walker that is a durable, cushioned shoe. Moreover, many orthopedists and podiatrists recommend these durable walking shoes for people with foot problems and severe leg pain. The shoe is quite popular due to its durability and solidity.

Furthermore, the shoes are much lighter than many other premium walking shoes, and the weight matters when you are out on long walks. The design looks lustrous and classic with a low top. It’s one of the most stylish pair that you can wear with anything. You will also like the genuine leather uppers with mesh that makes these breathable.

Moreover, the arch support is also reliable, and the shoe keeps you stable on almost all surfaces. Overall, it’s a good purchase that you will wear for years.


  • Made from 100% Leather and mesh upper.
  • The synthetic outsole is light-weight.
  • Provides reliable support for your arch and maintains a natural path of motion.
  • The outsole is slip-resistant and features forefoot MC Pod construction for better stability.
  • The most durable walking shoes with full-grain leather and mesh upper.

User Reviews

The users liked its traditional design and built quality. Many verified buyers stated that these shoes are excellent for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and takes off the stress from their heel, and offers excellent support for the arch. People also said that you could use gel inserts for more reliable arch support in these shoes. Overall most users were satisfied with the purchase and recommended these shoes for everyday walks.


  • Perfect for those with foot and leg problems.
  • Cushioning is thick around the collar.
  • Reliable stability and high arch support.


  • The sizing is a bit off.

Saucony Men’s Echelon 8

Next, we have the Saucony Echelon 8, which we think deserves your utmost attention. The shoe is ideal for those who use orthotics, and it fits perfectly. The shoe has a lot to offer for your feet and includes dense cushioning all over the design. Furthermore, these shoes are highly durable and withstand harsh uses and extreme conditions. Hence these are the best durable walking shoes if you move on rough terrains.

Furthermore, the shoes are incredibly flexible, and a light-weight design makes them the perfect choice for long distance walks. We liked its roomy toe box, and these are wider than the others.

Lastly, the overall construction is top-notch, and it’s mesh, breathable upper look stylish and keep your feet dry and comfortable. No matter you are a casual walker or a pro runner, these Saucony Echelon 8 walking shoes are the best for both uses.


  • The shoes have a stylish synthetic-and-mesh upper.
  • Best for casual walks and running on all types of terrains.
  • Wider than counterparts.
  • The toe box is roomy.
  • Stack height (heel/toe) is up to 35/27 mm.

User Reviews

People liked its elegant design and overall build quality. Many users stated that these shoes are the most durable and perfect if you spend hours standing on your feet. A user commented that he has been using this pair for about five months for every day jogging, and these feel so comfortable. People also appreciated the quick closure. However, some users commented that these shoes are too simple and look a bit outdated even when they are new.


  • The shoes are highly flexible and quite responsive.
  • Well-made and built to last.
  • Offer a comfortable fit with lots of cushioning on the right areas of your feet.


  • The design is too simple.
Best Durable Walking Shoes


The walking shoes are designed to provide optimum comfort and support to your feet; hence must give it. Besides, your walking shoes must be durable enough to last for some time so that you can use and wear them without any fear. No matter you’re walking around the block or running in a park, the best durable walking shoes will keep you free from worrying about blisters or hot spots.

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