Are Blundstone Good For Hiking?

Are Blundstone Good For Hiking

Are Blundstone good for hiking? Well, it depends, and in this post, I will be sharing with you some information on this so read on…

Blundstones shoes are the all-time favorites of many users, and there are several reasons for it. Firstly, they have a great reputation, and of course, it is because of top-notch shoes. The second thing that makes them stand above the rest is their price point, and the classic look of Blundstones outlast the current craze easily.

So now the question arises are they good enough for hiking purposes? Well, if that’s all you were looking for, we will advise you to read this post till the end as it answers all the questions about Blundstones and their uses that you will surely find handy.

Are Blundstone Good For Hiking?

This depends on your choice. Though Blundstone can be used for hiking but they are not typically made for hiking and are not that much comfortable either.

Can You Hike in Blundstones?

It looks like this question has become the talk of the town, and my mailbox is filled with similar questions. To keep it short and sweet, there is no harm in wearing Blundstones on certain hiking trips, but keep in mind that they are not designed as exclusive hiking boots.

That’s why there are many other features that you must check out for in your next pair of Blundstones. Similarly, whether you can wear your Blundstones on hikes depends on the exact model you have or are looking to buy.

Below is all the necessary info about the latest Blundstones pairs that will clear all your doubts about the subject matter. Have a look:

Can I wear Blundstones for cold weather hiking trips?

Hiking trips in chilly conditions means you will meet snow and ice. In cold weather, the most crucial factor to consider in your shoes is their waterproofness. You can sacrifice or overlook the breathability factor, but waterproof shoes are a must when you plan to go on hiking in extreme cold.

For this purpose, we recommend using waterproof Blundstone shoes. This is because you can bear a little bit of sweat in your shoes, but you cannot wear completely soaked shoes on hiking trips. A high-top Blundstone is more suitable as it does an amazing job to keep your feet cozy and dry in wet and snowy conditions.

Generally speaking, waterproofing abilities of Blundstones shoes are excellent, and they offer both warmth and waterproofing efficiently.

Apart from the waterproofness, some other things to note are the ankle support and feet protection. So consider them as well during the process!

Are Blundstone Shoes Waterproof And Weather?

This mainly depends on the particular that you are planning to buy. Winter styles shoes by Blundstone feature waterproof uppers, and they come with nice and insulated footbeds that are safe to use in cold and wet climates.

However, don’t opt for the Blundstone weather-resistant shoes with fewer seams, as water can easily penetrate the boots and make your trip worse.

Are they available for kids?

In our opinion, Blundstone is the best shoe brand for kids. Especially their kid’s school shoe collection Iis the best out there. Furthermore, all kid’s shoes by Blundstones feature weather-resistant upper and high-quality construction. So no matter what your kids do at their school, these Blundstones shoes can tackle it efficiently!

Are Blundstones true to size? 

Keep in mind that Blundstones are pull-on boots and come with pull tabs located at the front and back so that you can wear them comfortably and quickly.

However, this can make them lose with the usage. In some cases, you will need a couple of tries to get the right and perfect fitment, and then you can safely use them for the rest of the day with no issues.

Can I put prescribed insoles in Blundstone Shoes?

Yes, why not? You can use any insole with your new pair of Blundstone shoes if you want to get additional arch support.

Where are they made?

Blundstone moved their manufacturing department from Tasmania to Asia about 12 years ago, but they still provide the same quality and control to their users. In fact, outsourcing is at its best when it comes to Blundstone footwear. Hence you can rely on their quality and manufacturing.

Are they durable enough?

Yes, they are highly durable. Their leather uppers are highly resilient and efficiently handle the reckless abuse that you will give to them. Wear them, and you can chip the ice with the toe, kick tires, and walk in the mud without any problem. Plus, the Blundstone can withstand the salt and slush of Canadian winters!

The market is full of various shoes, and you will definitely come across the more durable boots than the Blundstones, but you will be paying a lot more for them. So yes, Blundstones shoes worth it when it comes to durability, especially when considering their price point.

Are Blundstone Good For Hiking

Can You Re-sole Blundstones?

Yes, according to the official Blundstone website, you can comfortably re-sole the Blundstones. However, the soles that come fitted in the shoes are much different from the regular soles. So, not all cobblers can re-sole these shoes.

Another important thing is that Blundstones shoes don’t feature Goodyear welted construction (the soles are not stitched with the shoe). Hence you will need to email at their official email address then they will arrange the particular cobbler for you to do the task.

Are Blundstones Worth it For The Comfort?

You cannot go wrong with the Blundstones when it comes to overall comfort. However, many of you will argue over this answer, but I am talking about overall comfort.

The shoes use the finest quality materials that won’t give you blisters, neither will you feel any discomfort while walking in your Blundstones. To be precise, for me, Blundstones feel pretty much like Dr. Martins Hiking shoes so that you can rely on comfort.

We recommend you proceed with your selection even if you are buying them purely based on comfort. However, we will also recommend you to use good quality insoles with them. Not fancy but functional ones. And you are good to go.

Are Blundstone shoes worthy in terms of style and looks?

Yes, they worth it in terms of style, but they don’t have that large audience.

In our opinion, don’t buy any expensive pair just because of its style and look as it is a complete waste of money. Instead, go for a pair that you can use for multiple purposes.

When it comes to the look and style of Blundstones, keep in mind that these are utilitarian hard-working shoes. However, their look and style are trending these days and immensely popular among the youth. For many teenagers, these classic boots are perfect to wear with their skinny jeans and allows them to show off their Blundstone tags.

So, the answer is yes; they will not disappoint you when it comes to the look and style. The classic look is elegant enough to outlast current trendiness.


  • You can wear them on an urban walking trail without any mess.
  • The rugged Blundstones shoes can be the perfect alternative to your hiking boots.
  • The best feature of these boots is high-quality construction that you will not find in similar shoes. Mostly, they are made up of premium and water-resistant leather along with cushioned midsoles to keep you healthy and comfortable. At the same time, some Blundstones models come with premium polyurethane for additional comfort.
  • Another thing to like about the Blundstones is their outsoles. The shoe soles come seamlessly treated to last longer against dirt and pavement, while some pairs feature antimicrobial leather lining to resist odor.
  • Lastly, it is well-settled that you can count on, and its shoes are versatile enough to use for various events and different occasions.


  • As they are not exclusively made for rough uses such as hiking so might feel limited ankle and arch support in these shoes.
  • Breathability is a bit lower in all Blundstone shoes.
  • Elastic sides are pretty much good-looking but not that supportive for your feet.

The Verdict

This thorough guide about the all-time classics Blundstone boots contains all the info about these shoes along with how and where you can wear these. And our final verdict is: you can safely and comfortably wear the Blundstones for various purposes, including hiking adventures, which is one of the primary reasons for their immense popularity.

Furthermore, they are durable enough to counter any situation. For example, you can wear them in muddy paddles, wet conditions (if the particular is waterproof), and are elegant enough to wear in business meetings.

Now you know that the Blundstones are suitable for hiking purposes, but we will still advise you not to wear them in any challenging multi-pitch rocky terrains or rugged climbing. We highly recommend them for all the above-mentioned uses and now over to you guys.

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