Are Bean Boots Good For Hiking?

Are Bean Boots Good For Hiking

In this post, I will be answering your question of are bean boots good for hiking so read on…

The Bean Boot is a classic winter accessory that has been around for many years. It’s usually made of leather, rubber or goatskin and lined with shearling to keep the cold out. Though there are many types of winter accessories (e.g., snow boots, gaiters), these boots are one of the most popular due to their warmth and versatility. Let’s explore everything you should know about this type of boot and whether bean boots are good for hiking or not.

Are Bean Boots good for hiking?

Even though they were originally designed for hunting in the woods and providing warmth in harsh conditions, nowadays people use them in all sorts of activities since they’re comfortable and practical.

However, because they don’t provide the necessary support for hiking over challenging terrain or long distances, it’s not recommended to wear them when you go on hikes.

Instead, if you like wearing boots around your home during winter (e.g., in snow country), these are a practical choice since they’re not only warm but easy to slip on and take off.

What are bean boots and what do they look like

Bean boots generally consist of a thick outer layer and an insole that’s typically made from thick shearling. In addition, the boot is often lined with shearling that also lines the top of the boot.

The boots are made from various materials, such as leather, rubber or goatskin. They’re known for being warm, waterproof and versatile. Some people call them ‘walking boots’ because they can be worn in snowy conditions and look good with a suit or jeans.

If you live in a cold climate, then this is the perfect winter accessory for you – but do bean boots look good with hiking pants?

Can Bean Boots Be Worn With Hiking Pants?

Bean boots look good with a variety of outfits, including jeans and a beanie or a suit. They’re great for city wear, but can they be worn with hiking pants? Due to their thick outer layer, these boots are quite versatile and they’ll keep you warm in most conditions. Whether you want to wear them for work or an outdoor activity, they’re a fantastic choice.

What’s the Difference Between Bean Boots and Snow Boots?

Snow boots are specifically designed to keep your feet warm in cold conditions, whereas bean boots aren’t specifically made for winter wear. In addition, snow boots have a thick PVC sole which makes them slip-resistant when walking on ice or packed snow. The upper is also typically made from a waterproof material, whereas bean boots are more versatile.

Why are these boots good for winter wear

Bean boots are comfortable to wear for extended periods, meaning that they’re perfect for winter wear. They come in different styles so you can match them to your outfits. Bean boots are waterproof and warm, which is ideal for snowy conditions. Being versatile, they’re great for city wear too.

For many years, bean boots have been a classic winter accessory that’s stood the test of time. Even though these boots are generally made of leather or other types of material, they’re known to be one of the most popular types because of their versatility. Whether you need footwear for work or an outdoor activity, this type of boot will keep your feet warm in most conditions.

What is the history behind Bean Boots?

The first time they were mentioned was in 1954 when Leon Leonwood Bean introduced them as a new product on his store’s shelves during the post-war boom period in America. At that time, he received a letter from a customer asking whether he had any rubber boots for hunting.

This encouraged him to produce a pair of boots that could be used in the coldest weather and keep the feet dry at the same time. In order to do so, he introduced leather uppers with rubber bottoms trimmed with leather as well as thick cotton linings, which made sure that the feet stayed warm.

They were an instant success and since then, they’ve been worn by farmers, hunters looking for warmth in harsh conditions or anyone who spends time outdoors during winter. Also, Leon’s grandson recently opened Beantown Boot Company to keep the classic boots alive even today.

What are some of the different styles of Bean boots?

Depending on the material used, there are three different types – leather, rubber and goatskin. All of them are lined with shearling to keep your feet warm in winter conditions, but their main differences are the weather proofing layers used for each type.

The leather version is 100% waterproof while rubber ones are 100% waterproof with a rubber bottom and 600 Denier upper, which makes them more durable.

The third type is the one made of goatskin and in addition to shearling lining, it also features a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating (not waterproof), making it suitable for milder weather conditions. This type doesn’t have the rubber bottom and if you’re hiking in wet conditions, you might want to consider getting waterproof boots instead.

What are the benefits of Bean Boots?

Their main benefit is their warmth, which makes them ideal for wearing around town during winters or even cold spring/fall days. Also, because they’re made of natural materials, they’re good for the environment.

They are also easy to put on and take off since they have a flat heel. Plus, you can adjust the fit by using different laces or tightening/loosening the straps on some models.

Are Bean Boots Good For Hiking

What are their drawbacks?

The main issue with Bean boots is the lack of support they provide, so it’s not recommended to use them if you have foot issues. Also, since they don’t have waterproof linings, wearing them in wet conditions can result in soaking your feet.

Even though Bean boots are generally lightweight because their soles are made of rubber, some models (e.g., leather ones) might be heavier than other types of winter boots (e.g., snow or hiking boots).


No, because they don’t provide the necessary support for challenging terrain or long distances. Instead, people use them around their homes during winter (e.g., in snow country). They’re comfortable and practical since they’re not only warm but easy to put on and take off.

Thanks for reading! The next time you go out hunting, make sure you wear winter boots like Bean to keep your feet dry and warm during the coldest days of winter.

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